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Discussion: Open Data


In a continual effort to increase transparency, efficiency and participation, the City of Long Beach is preparing to launch its open data portal, OpenLB. The goal of OpenLB is to empower people to research, analyze and innovate using information important to their community.

Therefore, the City of Long Beach is committed to providing open data in a manner that is thoughtful and strategic.  We would like the data to not only provide transparency, but to also provide value to citizens to use in new and innovative ways.

This is where you come in.  We invite you to engage with us in providing input that can assist in the formation of our open data policies, procedures and in determining what data will be provided. 

In addition to your online feedback, we encourage you to attend an upcoming Open Data forum. For dates and locations of the forums, view this flyer.

To complete a survey regarding your interest in Open Data, go to

Stay tuned for more information.

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Attachment: Document - Directive from City Council


Letter from the Mayor requesting City Council to direct the Technology and Innovation Commision to provide recommendations on open data, mobile applications and technology uses by other municipalities.

Attachment: Document - Status of Open Data Inventory


Using the US Census Open Data categories, the city has provided an inventory of potential sources of open data content.

Attachment: Document -


The purpose of this topic is for you to share your ideas about the City’s open data policy, procedures and strategy.  We want to leverage your input as we design an Open Data game plan that is functional and sustainable.

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Topic: Data Sets

Help us by taking the time to vote for datasets that you would like to see made available. Please review the Status of Open Data Inventory document under attachments within this Discussion.

We are looking for feedback on which potential datasets in these areas are important to you. If you have an idea for a dataset that is not on this list, feel free to add it. The City of Long Beach will use your feedback to help us focus on high value data to be released on OpenLB.

Your participation is crucial in making this effort a success. Thanks!

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